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Echoes of the Hollow Square - Dr. Johnnie Vinson

Dr. Johnnie Vinson's composition Echoes of the Hollow Square is based on several traditional songs that are part of an early American tradition, the Shaped Note Singing. The name comes from a musical form of notation in early songbooks which gave distinct information on the pitch of a note and hence facilitated collective singing. Dr. Johnnie Vinson composed  Echoes of the Hollow Square for the Pelham High School Wind Ensemble which staged the composition in January 2010 for the first time. Vinson used the following four traditional Shaped Note Songs as basis for his work:


Dr. Johnnie Vinson

* 1944

Dr. Johnnie Vinson was born in 1994 and is an exceptionally gifted conductor, composer and arranger. He graduated among others from the University of Mississippi and is currently Professor of Music Emeritus at Auburn University. With over 360 published works, Dr. Vinson is a worldwide recognized arranger and composer and has also served as an adjudicator and guest conductor throughout the United States. His works are appreciated for their excellence and elaborateness and are interpreted by numerous internationally famous orchestras. Among many other accolades, he was elected to membership in the prestigious American Bandmasters Association in 1994. In 2008, he was affiliated to the Alabama Music Educators Hall of Fame.

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Dr. Johnnie Vinson