Joint Concert


Dear friends of music,

it is a great pleasure for us to welcome our friends of the Northshore Concert Band from Chicago in Niederschopfheim.

What started with a jubilee concert under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mallory Thompson in the course of the one hundredth anniversary festivity of the Musikverein Harmonie Niederschopfheim e.V. in 2009 continued with our trip to Chicago last year.

Due to our joint concert in Chicago, the joy of making music together and the geniality with which we were welcomed, many friendships were formed. So our friends from America accepted gladly our invitation to visit us in return in Niederschopfheim.

It is a great honor for us that the Northshore Concert Band spends the main part of their tour through Europe with us in Niederschopfheim.

Along with the collective trips through our region and a convivial get-together, today's joint concert is the musical highlight of their tour through Europe.

The artistic surrounding of this concert is based on the exhibition of the artist Doris Brauch from Heitersheim.

Your Blasorchester Niederschopfheim

Bruno Löffler (chairman)
Lisa Spitznagel (vice chairman)
Rüdiger Müller (conductor)

Bruno Löffler, Lisa Spitznagel, Rüdiger Müller
Harmonie Niederschopfheim e.V.
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Musikverein Harmonie Niederschopfheim e.V.
Programmheft Jahreskonzert 2011