Joint Concert


Ladies and Gentlemen,

music connects, knows no bounds and creates joy for a lifetime. For this purpose, the Musikverein Niederschopfheim traveled across the pond and was welcomed with open arms by their new friends from Chicago. I compliment the Musikverein Niederschopfheim with its conductor Rüdiger Müller and the Northshore Concert Band with its conductor Prof. Dr. Mallory Thompson on the idea to let the public participate in this friendship through their joint concerts. I am excited to hear the new sounds that will be created when the musical influences of both continents will meet here in Niederschopfheim. This concert is surely going to be the highlight of both band's history.

In the Ortenau, the district we live in, culture is very important. It is the residence and place of work of many artist. The cultural diversity of the Ortenau is not only numerous but also very lively. We are also on a top position concerning musical experiences and are open for new things. The Musikverein Niederschopfheim demonstrates this with its concert today.

Therefore, I wish us all a great evening with an intoxicating concert and an enthusiastic audience as well as pleasant and interesting experiences and encounters.

Frank Scherer
District Administrator of the Ortenau

Frank Scherer
Frank Scherer
District Administrator of the Ortenau
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