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Shenandoah - Frank Ticheli

Frank Ticheli's composition Shenandoah is an adaption of a folk melody which has its origin in the 19th century and describes the love of a settler to a  beautiful Native American woman. Ticheli was inspired by the freedom and beauty of this folk melody and of the life-affirming energy of the river Shenandoah. These expressions are also realized in his composition: Sometimes the accompaniment flows quietly under the melody, other times it breathes alongside it. The work's mood ranges from  quiet reflection through growing optimism to profound exaltation. Shenandoah, a declaration of love to the natural beauty, is one of the most popular compositions of Frank Ticheli.



Frank Ticheli

* 1958

Frank Ticheli was born on January 21st, 1958 in Louisiana and is said to be one of the most brilliant composers of the last decades. Ticheli received his doctoral and master degrees in composition from the University of Michigan where he studied with William Albright, George Wilson and Pulitzer Prize winners Leslie Bassett and William Bolcom. For his compositions for wind ensemble and concert band he was awarded numerous accolades, including the 1989 Walter Beeler Prize for Music for Winds and Percussion and first prize in the eleventh Symposium for New Band Music. Furthermore, he was awarded the Arts and Letters Award 2012. In addition to being composer, he is Professor of Music at the University of Southern California.

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Frank Ticheli