Joint Concert

Greetings from Toni Vetrano

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ludwig Wittgensteins quotation “ The boundaries of my language are the boundaries of my world” is going to be disproved by this amazing joint concert of the Northshore Concert Band from Chicago and of the Blasorchester Niederschopfheim. In fact, the quotation can remarkably be extended and now obtains a new meaning. What we can expect from this concert is more than a language and a encounter in a narrower sense, it is the universal language of music that knows no bounds. The fact that the Northshore Concert Band from Chicago performs a joint concert at Niederschopfheim can firstly be ascribed to the good relationship between the conductors Rüdiger Müller and Prof. Dr. Mallory Thompson. Good relations are a necessary but not a sufficient condition to welcome this excellent Concert Band in Niederschopfheim. I consider the basis of such an event in the consequent and continuous effort of the Musikverein Niederschopfheim that is characterized by indefatigable diligence, absolute discipline, top-class musical ambition, inspiring personalities in the management and in the youth work as well as a passionate conductor who pushes the limits of the musicians. Due to this virtues, the Musikverein Niederschopfheim developed from a small, good “village band” to an orchestra with international reputation. I would like to thank all musicians of the Musikverein Niederschopfheim as well as all responsible members of the management for this great commitment that contributes to the benefit and renown of orchestral music. The 21st century needs such people. 

I hope the audience will enjoy this unforgettable concert with the Blasorchester from Niederschopfheim and the Northshore Concert Band from Chicago.

Toni Vetrano
President of the Blasmusikverband Ortenau

Toni Vetrano
Toni Vetrano
President of the Blasmusikverband Ortenau
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